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June 1956

Nunc Dimittis

A Sound of Thunder

How to Keep Your Wife In Love With You


Nunc Dimittis

It is Nearly Midnight, and I can see that if I don't make a start with writing this story now, I never shall. All evening I have been sitting here trying to force myself to begin, but the more I have thought about it, the more appalled and ashamed and distressed I have become by the whole thing.


A Sound of Thunder

The Sign On The Wall seemed to quaver under a film of sliding warm water. Eckels felt his eyelids blink over his stare, and the sign burned in this momentary darkness:


How to Keep Your Wife In Love With You

It Is Annoying to spend long months training a wife only to have her leave you for another.


The Bachelor Dinner

Judgment day and the day of one's marriage don't necessarily occur simultaneously. In fact, for most young men the real crack of doom takes place several nights before the nuptials are celebrated. It happens during the trial by alcohol, that lengthy ceremony sometimes identified as the bachelor dinner.


The Fragrant Bay

playboy's travel editor


The Darendinger Build-Up

When The Lousy Phone rang I was pitching quarters against the wall with my associate. I was two bucks winner and doing just great.


Dear Playboy

Address Playboy Magazine · Superior St., Chicago 11, Illinois

Last Gambit

She Was the Kind Of Girl you dream about. Not too tall, well-rounded and ripe, and with soft brown hair resting lightly about her shoulders. She had a little pout of a smile, and high, full breasts, and a most delicate arrangement of convexities and concavities in the subtle convergence of her abdomen and thighs. And within this perfect physical creature was a vitality, a cleverness, an intelligent awareness that redoubled her desirability. She was of that select few who excel at every grace, sport or project in which they engage. And particularly, she excelled at chess. This is where Edgar came in.


A Short, Happy History of Chess

No Two Authorities agree about the origins of the royal game. Over a dozen different nations and cultures have been named as its breeding-place. Some say it began as far back as 200 B.C.; others place the date as late as 500 A.D. It is believed that the word "chess" stems from the Persian shah (king), and the word "checkmate" from shah mat (the king is dead). The Eastern origin of the game, at any rate, seems fairly well established.


Champagne Flight to Vegas

Bill Whitehall and Sally Todd live in Los Angeles. They date regularly and there is plenty in an exciting city like L.A. for a couple to see and do. But one Saturday morning not too long ago, Bill sat in his apartment trying to plan something special for that evening -- a date to a place he and Sally had never been--and he realized there was very little the two of them had not seen and done in their city. An ad in the morning paper supplied an answer to his dilemma and a telephone call to STanley 7-3456 made reservations for two on the Champagne Flight to Las Vegas. Bill called Sally, told her he had a unique date arranged for that day, told her to put a thing or two into a bag and he would pick her up a bit past two.
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